Cocktail Party

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Cocktail parties with spirits, zesty spritzes and jolly fizzes, from classic cocktails to yummy simple bites!  There’s no denying that tons of “Best” cocktail recipes are often debated because one can appeal more to another.

What’s fun is eat, drink and be merry with old and new friends in a social atmosphere.  Make it special, Make it memorable!

What is a cocktail party?

A cocktail party is organised as a social or business networking gathering often after office work hours, which includes cocktail drinks, light refreshments, usually in the early evening. Sometimes, it is called a cocktail reception. Guests are encouraged to mingle, meet new people, make connections and conversations.

What time is a cocktail party?

A typical cocktail party is two - three hours long.

  • Cocktail Parties during dinner time?

Cocktail parties are about drinks and hors d’oeuvres only.  With a bit of luck, no one shows up with an empty stomach to this cocktail party.

Host your party in the late afternoon, say around 5 pm or after 7:30 pm, but never host it exactly at dinner time unless you have plenty of bite-sized food to offer.

  • In the Late Afternoon

Business-related cocktail parties can be hosted in the late afternoon, usually around 4 pm or 5 pm.

Afternoon cocktail parties coincides with happy hours so they tend to have a light, sophisticated feel about them.

How do you host a cocktail party at home?

The primary purpose of your cocktail party is to entertain, not to offer a full array of mixers and food.

When acting as a host at a cocktail party, you require a lot of multi-tasking skills to ensure that the party goes smoothly. You are to perform different functions. Your main role is to mingle with confidence, acknowledge and address each and every one of your guests, making them feel comfortable and relaxed. Just keep it simple.

It is very important to plan ahead with drinks and snacks menu.

  • Ice is an important element that can make or break your cocktail drink. Stock up plenty of ice. You will need it for chilling bottles of beer, wine, mixing cocktails or for cocktail fruit recipes
  • Have a variety of glass styles to cover the type of drinks served. Highball also known as collins glass or tall drink glass which is best for fizzy drinks containing soda water; martini glasses, glasses for wines, juices. Have an extensive mix of glasses, including perhaps some antique or unusual glassware. Let your guests pick their own glassware as a way of expressing their exclusive personality!
  • You will want a bar of drinks and mixers including juices, tonic, ginger ale, lemons with garnishes.
  • Consider hiring a bartender to mix the drinks for your cocktail party. Alternatively, a family member or good friend to play co-host. This will free you to mingle and interact with your guests.
  • A cocktail music playlist for that welcoming mood.
  • Have a variety of foods in your menu including finger foods like tarts, cracker bites and meat selections.
  • Don’t forget those fancy napkins.
  • Be sensitive to the moods of guests having alcohol and be mindful of any awkward issues. As a host, show your hospitable gesture to see that all your guests get home safely.
  • If you are having alcohol yourself, stay sober and behave in the proper manner, leaving with a good impression.

A successful event certainly depends on proper cocktail party etiquette.

What is dress code for cocktail party?

It is best to establish what type of cocktail party. 

Simple elegant clothing is the norm at a cocktail party. Proper attire, casual or formal, is based on the invitation.

Attire may include business formal, business professional or business casual. If the invitation states “business professional", you may be attending a more formal business occasion so you would want to avoid dressing too casually.

Don’t blunder over a mix and match attire, be it colours, designs or current trends.  Most traditionists will frown upon denim at a cocktail party.  Wearing denim will not do you any favours. It is considered distasteful and impolite to the host.

More importantly, you will not want to out-dress the host and be the centre of attention at the cocktail party.

Wear appropriately, do not make and be a scene !

What drinks are served at a cocktail party?

Drinks at a cocktail party is a definite must.  It is important to have cocktail parties simple by doing away with the concept of offering a full bar. Instead, offer:

  • A few signature cocktails
  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Beers
  • Some non-alcoholic drinks

Some popular choices of cocktails served:


A simple gorgeous cocktail fruit recipe is Gimlet.  These cocktail ingredients work wonders on hot days.  Alternative to fresh lime juice is a simple syrup.

Lemon Drizzle Gin

Lemon Drizzle Gin is a refreshing and simple drink.  Its London Dry and layers of sweet, floral and citrusy twist adds to the aromatic sweetness.

Dirty Martini

This classic cocktail has a pleasant saltiness with the addition of olive juice.  It’s “Dirty”, just means olive juice added.

Having cocktail parties is truly timeless way of getting in touch with workmates, clients, friends and more.  Come up with a taste of creative entertaining ideas.  Remember the cocktail ingredients and snacks for a great fun party.  Keep things light and have a “WOW” party!