Gin and Tonic Cocktail

gin and tonic cocktail recipe

This phrase comes from William Cowper's poem, “The Task” (1785): “Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.” 

Indeed, Variety is the spice of life.

The versatile and experimental Gin is an inspiration to style and sophistication in a delicious spirit, creating a variety of classic and simple cocktail drinks with Gin.  Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink that stems its predominant and fresh flavour from juniper berries.

What does Gin mix well with?

Gin & Tonic

Classic and simple cocktail drink with Gin recipe just requires 2 ingredients – a quality Gin and Tonic.  Tonic water is soft, bitter carbonated water. When Gin and Tonic water are mixed together and poured over ice, it transforms beautifully into the classic Gin & Tonic drink. ‘Tanqueray’ is one cocktail worth exploring.

Gin & Juice

Gin is a popular and one of the most experimental spirits which balances citrus flavours well. Go with the mix of Gin and Juice, simple yet appealing.  A choice of mango, pineapple and orange juices satisfies that sweet tooth. Gin with grapefruit juice for those who prefers that bitter stronger spin. A variety of juices creates a whole new world of mixers in Gin cocktail drinks.

One of the classics with Gin & Tonic is ‘Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin & Tonic’. A seasonal fruit gives a delightful twist to Gin & Tonic cocktail recipe.

To name a few cocktail drinks with Gin are ‘Tom Collins’, ‘Singapore Sling’ and ‘Gimlet’.

What makes Gin & Tonic better?

The Gin enthusiasts, today, have a popular choice to show off the characteristic flavours of Gin in distinctive Balloon-shaped Copa glasses.  Some are very particular with the number of ice cubes required – sufficient to chill the glass. Large ice cubes but not too many that may dilute the Gin. Some prefers garnishes, some not.  It is a special favoured mix which makes Gin such an exciting and versatile drink. You can have the best Gin cocktail recipes by experimenting with the various quality Gin, measurements of Gin, number of ice cubes, various garnishes which fashions your cocktail drinks with Gin into your very own signature drink with fun twists.

Is Gin healthy to drink?

Health benefits of Gin

Gin serves as one of the healthiest spirits. The presence of the core botanical ingredient in most Gins is juniper berries.  The botanical properties that survive the distillation process contributes a boost of health benefits.

Fight infections

Berries in Gin have some antioxidants and anti-microbial properties which help to fight infections with high levels of Vitamin C.  Juniper berries have a strong distinct flavour in Gin which contains anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory benefits of the berries can help with pain relief and arthritis.

Healthy looking skin

Juniper berries have many antioxidants, which improves the skin complexion. With intakes of antioxidants, this promotes a healthy and youthful skin appearance.  Have that Gin and enjoy the benefits.

Helps with digestion

Gin is a natural healthy remedy with berries, acts as a natural diuretic, it increases urine output and therefore stops water retention. Berries build stomach acid and digestive enzymes and help flush out some harmful toxins and bacteria from the body system.  This helps to reduce bloating and digestion issues.

Gin Will Fight Cold and Cough

Juniper berries and plant botanicals have essential oils provides well-made Gin its smooth texture; fight colds.  It is important not to refrigerate Gin because the fragrances and oils will vary, reducing the helpful effects. Also, Gin can be mixed with herbs and ginger to relieve sore throats.

Manages Weight

It’s a wonder that Gin is a relatively low calories alcoholic drink.  A shot of Gin weighs in under 100 calories. Drinking Gin can speed up metabolisms and help burn calories.

What garnish goes into Gin & Tonic drink?

Gin & Tonic garnishes

There’s endless of garnishes that can spring a classic cocktail drink with Gin into another play of our senses, both from aroma and taste.  Fizzles of the tonic as it is poured into a high ball glass of ice forms and lingers on another sensory experience.

Garnishes with lime wedges or lemon slices give you a double whammy of citrus.

A strip of cucumber garnishes Gin & Tonic cocktail takes you to another level with rose petals, a refreshing floral profile.

Herbs like thyme and rosemary have strong distinctive aromas that pairs very well with Gin & Tonic cocktail.

Every Gin has its own unique profile. Garnishes will complement or contrast with the Gin’s many flavours.  There’s no correct garnish, neither is there a ‘perfect match’ and ultimately, it comes down to one’s own special likes and make it your own best Gin cocktail recipe.  Enjoy a cocktail drink with Gin is to simply have that refreshing Gin & Tonic.

What Tonic to serve with Gin?

The bitterness in a crisp and classic tonic blends well with the juniper ingredient. It keeps Gin & Tonic from being overly sweet. 

Some of the popular flavoured tonics in their respective niches are basil, pink grapefruit, cucumber, and zesty orange. When mixing your Gin with a flavoured tonic, grasp what flavours will complement the tasting notes of the Gin without overwhelming them. 

Gin and Tonic Cocktail

Cocktail drinks with Gin are abundance, to be experimented and enjoyed. Take a splendid bottle of Gin by transforming it into a fabulous Gin cocktail: From classics Gin, liqueur and fruity mixes to new pages on traditional recipes.